Friday, August 10, 2018

(Ema Roadknight)
Well, that's a wrap!
All good things must come to an end, and this week has been one of them. With the last day of VBS and the closing up of the work projects it was a full and emotional day. Without a doubt I thought my kids were spectacular in every way. Watching them over the course of five days was exhausting but also a blessing. Most of my kids were going into grades 5 or 6 and have been attending CEE and every day they wowed me with their sharing hearts and patience with me and my peer leaders. With the language barrier it was hard at times but in the odd occasion one of the CEE leaders weren't around the kids fluent in both spanish and english were more than happy to help explain instructions, or translate questions. As we handed our kids their goodbye gifts it was increasingly hard to hug them goodbye for the last time.

Following lunch, our many work projects were continued this afternoon with the willing help from some of the CEE leaders. We successfully moved all of the books back into the library and began to put them on the shelves. With the absence of a librarian for a period of time, we struggled but at the very least we managed to organize the books alphabetically. Our lovely murals were finished, with a very special thanks to the designing and painting duo Josh and Ameil. With The help of some of the crew they brought their visions to life and have left their artistic handprint on the walls of the school. We wrapped up the wood construction of the custom carts for the library, and finished several other painting and varnishing projects around the school. All were busy this afternoon and were graciously rewarded with a trek to the local ice cream shop.

After we made it back from the ice cream trip the CEE student leaders joined us for dinner and a campfire where we were able to exchange some canadian themed thank you gifts. It wouldn't be a Canadian campfire, let a alone a Westney campfire without some classic camp songs. With some encouragement,  Aaron, Lydia and I lead the group in some campfire songs with hoarse voices and all. Our lovely worship team also got up and led us in some of our favourite songs from the VBS, closing up the night with some group pictures and s'mores. With some teary hugs and the exchange of contact information we said goodbye to our many new friends and began to clean the grounds and pack our things.

For Lydia and I it was a surreal moment to realize we stood in this very same place only three years ago, saying goodbye to some of the same people. With hopeful hearts we said buenas noches for the last time and promised to come back and see them in 3 years. As we ready to head off to Tela tomorrow morning we are grateful for the few days of rest but I can safely say we will miss the school and everyone we met along with it.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Views from Josh's Cam: Days 7&8

Views from Josh's Cam: 
Los Dias Siete y Ocho

Update from Jesman, Aaron and Nathan

Hey guys this is Jesman J, Aaron C, and Nathan A.

Some of us went down to Balebraia today. We helped paint a church that is ministering to the people there. Afterwards we brought care packages to some of the needy families that live in the area. This was a very humbling experience because of the sheer amount of poverty there. However, they were all very happy and joyful despite this. This showed us that Jesus doesn't value wealth or materialistic things but values love and joy.

The VBS also went very smoothly today. It is a lot of with local kids as well as the Honduran translators/leaders. We have all made great relationships with them and will miss them once we leave. Today's Bible Verse was  John 16:33 and it says, "Take heart because I have overcome the world"
This week has flown by. We just can't believe it's already day 7. There are only 3 days left! We all wish we could stay for another month.

I (Jesman) was the lead actor this week playing a castaway on a deserted island. Here is a picture of me holding Squaker (the parrot).

Here is Warren teaching bible time to the activity camp group (grades 7 and 8).

Here are some pics of our worship time.

Yesterday the activity camp did makeovers for the girls.  However, I (Aaron) thought it would be funny if one of the girls could do my nails for me.  I got mixed reactions... what do you think?  (sorry mom).

Bye Amigos, See you soon!

Another afternoon in Balibrea

by Nicole and Gloria

Today we went to continue the painting in the central part of Balibrea, where the church, the health clinic, and the Pastor's house is located.  The teams this week have been doing it little by little and tomorrow the last team will be finishing it up. 

After we finished painting, we visited 4 families.  We gave some care packages to the families and shared and visited with the families.  We were thankful that these families opened their homes to us, and allowed us to visit with them.  We told them about our church family back home and about how the kids have raised the funds to come to Honduras.  We prayed for them and they expressed that they were thankful for our visit, our gifts and our prayers.

One of the families we saw is a young single mother with 5 children, one of which has special needs and had broken her leg.  The pastor knew of the family but didn't know of the special needs child because of the stigma attached to these children in Honduras.  Her 13 year old son is the main breadwinner for the family.  We prayed for them and we will continue to keep them in our prayers for complete healing and that the Lord will provide for the family. 

Basketball Bonanza!!

By Nicole

A BIG thanks to Advantage Basketball Association headed by Chris Smalling who graciously donated enough basketball uniforms to outfit 5 teams aging from grade one to highschool.  The new uniforms were handed over to the program directors for the CEE Bilingual Christian School in Siguatepeque, Honduras, where we are running our one week VBS.

The sports and activities camp made up of grade 7, 8, and 9 students, hosted a scrimmage for the second half of our VBS this morning.  Everyone participated and they had so much fun they didn't want it to end.